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Ceramic Coating Is The #1 Way To Keep Your Car Shining Like It’s Brand New, Save Time Washing, And Maintain The Highest Value For Your Vehicle Over Tim’e. Bob Moses Ceramic Coating Mesa is your number one source to perfect your ride and protect it for years to come!

Ceramic Coatings is a durable glass like protective layer applied to your vehicle’s clear coat, windows, tires, and wheels. Similar to wax but 1000x better! One application can last up to 8 years & provide better protection for your vehicle!

  • Never Wax Again
  • Long-lasting
  • Protection
  • Sun Fade Resistant
  • Repels Water, Mud, & More
  • Makes Your Car Look New Longer
  • Epic Results
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Sensha Ceramic Coating - Since 1997

A Coating You Can Count On

Tired of waxing your car month after month? You’re likely putting your car or truck to work, oftentimes covering it in dirt, dust, mud, bird droppings, bug splatters, and more. It might be time to start exploring a ceramic coating. A single application from a Bob Moses Ceramic Coating technician can last up to eight years and offer a beautiful gloss-like sheen that builds a scratch-resistant and UV-protecting barrier for your car’s paint job.

Ceramic coating protects the surface of your Car or Truck so all that work (or play) doesn’t cause any long-term issues with your paint.

With a ceramic coating, car body maintenance is easier than ever. With a simple wipe of a clean towel, dirt and debris can be easily removed, keeping your car looking its best. With a hydrophobic layer, a ceramic coating from Bob Moses will leave your vehicles body paint with a beautiful glossy finish that is scratch-resistant, UV-protected, and easier than ever to wipe clean.

Keep Your Vehicle Looking Brand New...

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